13. HAWAII PRIVATE LODGINGS. Can I have a Private Space as a Volunteer or Intern or must I stay in a shared space?

23 Nov

Volunteer & Intern Private Lodgings Upgrade in Hawaii

Volunteers and interns usually start at our shared dorm spaces have only two beds. These are the standard lodgings for single interns or volunteers.

Hawaii Private Lodgings Upgrade: Cozy Nook Eco-Hut
Cozy Nook Hut

However, some volunteers or interns, especially those who like their privacy, often prefer to pay the upgrade fee to stay in a private space.

The default lodging for both programs is a shared space.

However, we do allow a Private Space Upgrade Option for additional fees depending on the lodging you choose:

  1. Single adults who wish to reserve a private space such as Ulu HideawayPuka HaleLono Hale or Guava Hut can do so for an additional charge of $50 per week. Couples do not have to pay an upgrade fee for these lodgings.
  2. Single/Couple Comfort Upgrade. Ocean View and Bamboo Bungalow are available for couples or singles for a $75 weekly upgrade fee.
  3. Single/Couple Deluxe Upgrade. Kahuna Cabin & Jungle Cottage are available for a $100 and $150 weekly upgrade fee respectively.

Volunteers who wish to stay in a budget private space can stay at no extra charge with our Private Camping Options. These fees are additional to the standard volunteer and intern fees.

However, interns who have worked well and shown that they are a great fit in the community can request to stay in Guava Hale, Rollinia House, Lono Hale,  Cozy Nook or Ulu Hideaway at no extra charge.

However, this is subject to availability.