5. CLIMATE. What is Hawaii rainforest weather like? Is there a “monsoon” (rainy) season?

27 Feb

With the Hawaii rainforest weather, the days are warm but usually not too hot and the nights are cooler. This makes it ideal for sleeping!

There is a small decrease in temperature from September to March but it is mainly noticeable at night. In the daytime it is warm year round but never too hot! Nor too humid.

We live in a rain forest so our rainy season is all year long! However, December – March is traditionally the Wetter season. For people coming in from the cold remember it is warmer rain!

Make friends with the rain and you will enjoy it here! If you don't, you won't!

When we see the leathered and sun wrinkled people who live in Kona which is the sunny side of the island, we know we are living in the right place in our lush tropical home!

However, some volunteers, interns or guests, cannot stand being in wet weather! Many seem unhappy, surprised and depressed that it actually rains in the rainforest!

If you are sad that it rains in our rainforest home that is your right! But please try to limit your misery when in community spaces as it brings down everyone’s energy.

Rain averse people have a number of options:

  1. Leave for a dry place! We want happy Hedonisians! If the weather is making you depressed then go to Kona! It is unfair to you and to us if you are unhappy with our weather and it affects the way you conduct yourself in the community.
  2. Take a Dry Out! As long as you depart in good standing and there is availability, you can leave and enjoy the sunshine on the Kona side. You must vacate your space and reserve your return to ensure availability.
  3. Adapt! This is a rainforest. Not everyone feels miserable when it’s raining. Some people find rainy day things to do!

Finally, we end with ere is a quote from John Lennon that shows the attitude many people have about rain!

When the rain comes
They run and hide their heads
They might as well be dead
Rain, I don't mind
Shine, the weather's fine
I can show you
That when it starts to rain

Everything's the same
Can you hear me
That when it rains and shines

It's just a state of mind
John Lennon - The Beatles