8. HEALTH INSURANCE. Am I required to have Health Insurance as an Intern or Volunteer?

23 Nov

Health Insurance in an Eco-Community

We are a very small community relying on volunteer labor. Your volunteer work contribution is not a ‘job’ and so is not covered by standard labor laws.

When working at any volunteer activity always be aware of your capabilities. If you feel uncomfortable contributing to any project at Hedonisia Hawaii or if you feel a job is too dangerous for you, please let us know. We can usually find another task that is less daunting!!

Personal Responsibility - All Guests and Volunteers are responsible for their own health and safety while on the property of Hedonisia Hawaii. This applies to all aspects of living and working on the land. When you arrive on the Hedonisia property you are asked to sign a Registration Form & Liability Release to confirm this.

We always stress SAFETY in all of our community operations and as a result, we have NOT had any serious accident on the community property in our 10-year history.

However, for most Americans, some form of 'Obamacare' health insurance is quite adequate. We have seen the benefits of having a wider range of coverage for more Americans than ever before. It creates a much better safety net for individuals as they travel across the country to enroll in programs such as offered by us. Our sustainable community supports Obamacare!

We strongly recommend that all Volunteers and Managers have Health Insurance. Foreign Nationals should get Travel Insurance that will allow us to call an ambulance in the event of a Medical Emergency.