1. HEDONISIA NAME. Why is your community called Hedonisia?

28 Feb

Hedonisia and Hedonism in Hawaii

Many people get confused because our name Hedonisia is very similar to Hedonism III, an Adult Resort located in Jamaica. To clarify, while we are a community where adults meet and romances can start, we are NOT a sex resort!

To most visitors, Hawaii is a tropical paradise. Put on a bikini, sip on a Mai Tai and rub some lotion on. It is hard not to think of our lush rainforest location as a sensual paradise! However, on Sunday, you only have to peek in any of the hundreds of churches dotted all over this tiny state to discover that, under the swaying coconut trees, Hawaii is quite a conservative and Christian state.

Yoni Garden Tools! We have suggestive art around the property!
Yoni Garden Toolshed

Positive sex movements or communities are often seen by the local population as 'hippie' and frowned upon. So we are careful not to offend local sensibilities by being too provocative or sexy at our community.

We do want to be a different kind of eco-tourist establishment in Hawaii while at the same time being a community that welcomes 'normal' tourists looking for a nice eco-friendly place to stay.

It is a delicate balance to create a place where love can happen but also where personal boundaries and individual space is respected. But based on our testimonials and reviews, we think we have found that balance!

For example, we provide the ambience and backdrop for love to happen. All over the community, we have sensual murals and art. We created cozy eco-friendly 'love shacks' that are sturdy and secluded for our guests! Couples enjoy it here because we provide such a supportive environment for love.

Our sex positive feminist projects are web based, NOT on the property! Many Guests or Volunteers will stay at our community in the Hawaiian rain forest and have a wonderful vacation with no idea that we also manage a portfolio of web projects on reproductive rights and sex positive feminism that have a global reach.

Those who are interested in the work we do 'beneath the surface', are welcome to apply to be an Intern Community Manager where they can contribute to the websites in our community portfolio as part of their intern duties.

We respect consenting adult relationships. Aside from being LGBTQ friendly, we also provide a holiday retreat for those who practice polyamory, ethically non-monogamous queer or other alternative relationship styles.

We understand that it is difficult for poly people to holiday with their partner(s)! Many places are highly judgmental of those who choose to live outside the confines of monogamy. We are not.

However, because Hedonisia is primarily an eco-tourist community with 'normal' volunteers and guests, we do not host any sex positive events or workshops at the community.

As Hawaii itself evolves into a more liberal state, our community will change and evolve too! In the meantime, the city or Portland OR has blossomed into one of the most sex positive cities in the world with a diverse range of events, communities, workshops and activities.