9. INCOME. If I qualify to be an Intern or Volunteer can I earn income or get a second job?

23 Nov

1) Volunteer 2nd Jobs

  • The normal Hedonisia work shift is from 9:30am to 12:30pm. This means that afternoons, evenings and long weekends are free. As a result, many past volunteers have had second jobs.
  • Volunteers who wish to have an extra day off for a job can pay the Special Volunteer Discount rate of $20 for any day that they do NOT want to work!
  • There are a few farmers and property owners who occasionally hire Hedonisians to do landscaping, gardening, or light construction work. Sometimes they give us a call to see if there are any Volunteers available. Otherwise, you can look on the notice boards in Pahoa for work opportunities.

2) Intern Income - 2nd Jobs

Once they have paid their initial training fee, Interns 'pay' for their stay in Hawaii with only two full days of community work each week. This is one of our important Community Enterprise principles; "If we are not able to pay with money we pay with 'time'!

5 days 'off' gives interns the flexibility and time to either enjoy as a tourist, get a job or start a business!

Other possible financial benefits for the resourceful Intern at Hedonisia:

a) Hedo Intern Activist Entrepreneur Incubator Support

Interns can start or do the background research for an Activist or Feminist business on the property as long as permission is sought beforehand and community operations are not affected adversely. Feminist oriented interns can work on the Hedonisia Feminist Entrepreneur Portfolio of web projects to gain knowledge or insight on how to create their own Enterprise!

To clarify, we are not asking interns to immediately start a social enterprise business! Even if an intern is thinking like a social entrepreneur about an idea at the conceptual stage, that is good enough!

Aside from the planetary benefits of unleashing social entrepreneur graduates, an intern with a side project of their own will work on the projects where our interests overlap with that much more vigor than if their focus is simply directed outwards!

b) Recycled Goods & Laundry Sales

We offer possibilities for extra income with sales of various recycled items at the Hedonisia community and for applicants with a personal vehicle who have a Clean Driving Record. While not obligatory, we do recommend having a budget for a used vehicle. This will give more potential to earn extra income both at Hedonisia and in the general region.

When you process a laundry, towel sale or bicycle rental you can receive a 50% commission. The 50% commission is for any sales you make of Hedonisia stuff (provided you have talked with us about selling it!) As a ‘green community’ we receive many things which we often refurbish and then sell. So a motivated Intern can always find things to sell on Craigslist when they are on shift!

Small sales of recycled items to the greater community is a nice form of local Public Relations. It gives us an opportunity to show people in the area what Hedonisia is really like. Plus many people have family on the mainland and they like knowing affordable quirky places like ours for their friends and family when they visit.

c) Intern Hospitality, Reservations & Bookings Manager!

This position is only available to applicants who have been working at least a month as an Intern Community Manager.

Unlike regular interns, we offer a small stipend which is paid at the end of the month.

An Intern Bookings Manager is not working extra time, simply doing an important job as part of their intern shift which they receive $10 per shift for. It is not much but in our area of Hawaii, the cost of living is lower. And your lodgings are already paid as an intern!


d) Intern Community Property Manager

The Property Manager is an intern who really enjoys having a detailed knowledge and overview of the lodgings, facilities and gardens. As part of their shift they will spend some time deeply observing these aspects and then making a report which will be the basis for the other interns to follow. The stipend per month for this intern position is $400.