1. INTERN BENEFITS. What are the Benefits of being an Intern Community Manager?

28 Nov
French Intern Victoria seeking Benefits!
French Intern Victoria seeking Benefits!

Many interns see our intern program as an affordable way to stay long term at a fun eco-community in Hawaii. We understand and accept that.

However, our goal with this internship is to create a working educational program whose ultimate goal is to ‘graduate’ C.A.F.E. Entrepreneurs who go out and change the world!

Our internship is NOT a job so we don't pay a salary! The benefits you receive are:

  1. 2-Day Work Week!  You get free lodgings in Hawaii for only two full work days a week (three days for couples)! The hours are long on those two days - from 8:30am to 10:30pm and you will work hard. However, there is much down-time during those shifts and by concentrating your work into only 2 days, you have have 5 days off to earn extra income or simply to enjoy Hawaii, exploring the attractions of our paradise island!
  2. Accommodations Included. Please visit our Community Intern FAQ for more info on the various rustic 'jungle lodgings' that are available for Community Management Interns, both couples and singles.
  3. Tropical Garden Produce. Interns have unlimited access to the Hedonisia gardens which produce a number of edible crops depending on the season. (Approx. value: $60 per month).
  4. Moving to or just enjoying Hawaii. A self motivated couple or individual can use this position as a foundation from which to create opportunities in Hawaii and elsewhere. Or they can simply enjoy their days off to be a tourist in paradise!
  5. Living in Paradise! Yes that is a real benefit! The Puna region of Hawaii is beautiful, lush green, alternative, New Age, wacky, Pagan, eccentric and eco-friendly! We try to stay on earth at Hedonisia but we love living in our little island paradise!
  6. Free Laundry. Two free laundry loads a week valued at $40 per month.
  7. The Hedonisia Handbook is the training manual for all applicants. Normally priced at $9.95, it is included with the cost of the Intern Training Fee.
  8. Social Entrepreneur Start-Up Incubator! Hedonisia also provides support as a start-up incubator for interns with a C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur idea of their own!
  9. Intern Entrepreneur Partner. We have a number of eco-feminist projects that interns can choose to be more deeply involved with.