12. INTERN DEPARTURE & RETURN. What is the Check-Out process for an Honorable Departure &/or Return?

28 Nov

When an intern is preparing to leave the community, they sometimes have a tendency to mentally 'check out' before they have actually left. They get sloppy and begin losing motivation; they do less on their shifts than required and they say and do things that are not exactly in the spirit of the community.

While it is understandable to prepare for departure it should not come at the expense of the community. It does not create the best example especially for new interns who are still looking at the departing interns as role models. So please try to stay engaged right up to your last day. Finish all outstanding focus projects, keep up a good positive energy and leave with aloha!

When you are ready to leave Hedonisia, please give us as much notice as possible! A month is what we recommend. However, we do understand if you have an emergency and must leave quickly. (We all have family on the mainland!)

Leave in good standing and return as a Friend of Hedonisia with an 'honorable departure'!

  • Be sure to leave a clean bed space!
  • Be sure to ask for a Certificate of Completion.
  • Be sure to reserve your return if you wish to come back as an intern within three months
  • After 3 months returnees only have to pay a $100 Training Update Fee.
  • After 1 year returning interns only have to pay a $200 Retraining Fee.

We can issue a Certificate of Completion for volunteers or interns who have completed their time with us in good standing. If Volunteer is a student, then we can adjust the Volunteer hours to reflect the requirements of Student’s educational institution.

Please note that this Certificate will not be issued or can be nullified if an Intern or Volunteer's subsequent behavior is contrary to any of our polices and guidelines or reflects negatively on the reputation of our community.

Intern Airport Dropoff: When an intern finishes their internship in good standing and is ready to leave we offer the following a dropoff to the airport discounted to $20 (we still have to pay the drivers and gas 😉 For Anchor Interns we will give a free drive to the airport.

Returning Interns on Short Visits! Whatever lodging they pick, ex-Interns only have to pay for the lodging priced below it. For example if they want the Jungle Cottage they only have to pay the Kahuna Cabin price. Or if they want a dorm space they only have to pay the single person camping rate. This discount also applies to any friend or partner they bring with them as long as they are sharing the same bed space!