5. INTERN DRIVING. I have a Clean Driving Record. What are my transportation options as a Community Intern?

28 Nov

For applicants who wish to stay more than 4 months in Hawaii, we recommend saving enough to purchase a used vehicle. This will give a possibility to make a few dollars with our donation based airport pickup service. Craigslist or Facebook are great for used car purchases!

2018 Intern Cassandra purchased a car!
2018 Intern Cassandra purchased a car which she used for pickups and Hawaii tours!

In addition, Uber has just started in this area of Hawaii. If you want to be an Uber driver on your days off check their requirements for purchasing a car. The advantage of being an Uber driver is you have an instant job on your days off!

Then you can buy a nice car from a dealership because Uber usually requires newer car models. If you have good credit you can buy a car on payment terms from a dealership and drive with uber to make the payments.

Sometimes we will allow a trusted intern to use our vehicle but this is very much on a case by case basis. Interns MUST have a clean driving record and will be tested to use our vehicle.

Driving interns are eligible to receive donation payments for the following services:

  • Airport & Driving Pickups: Interns who own their vehicle get first priority on airport pickups. If the car is owned by Intern then they receive 100% of pickup fee from Hilo Airport. (33% for Interns who use our vehicle.)
  • Recycling Trips & Gas Allowance. If you purchase a vehicle suitable for taking out the recycling and trash, you can receive an additional gas allowance of $50 per month plus the redemption money of bottle deposits from recycling.
  • Private Tours. There are many beautiful sites on Hawaii island. Resourceful interns with a car have often taken people from the property for gas money to enjoy the natural beauty of Big Island!