3. INTERN FOCUS. What are Intern Focus Jobs?

28 Nov
Hawaii Eco-Feminist Mind Work Intern
Heather 2015: Eco-Feminist Mind Work Intern!

If you complete the training and are offered a position as Intern Manager, you will be responsible for the usual duties associated with managing our community.

However, as part of your internship we ask you to pick a ‘focus’ activity that will be your personal contribution to the Hedonisia Community.

Each Intern has an opportunity to choose specialties based on their skills and interests from the Heart, Body Mind list below. These will be their focus projects which they can work on as part of their normal community manager duties.

  1. BODY Work: Focus on Gardens, Tree Farming, Community Repairs, Landscaping & Beautification.
  2. HEART Work: Focus on Creative Work Projects. If you are someone who works really well with people we consider that ‘heart work’!
  3. MIND Work: Focus on our environmental, political and social enterprise projects.

Your focus projects will be your unique contribution to the community. However, when the heart, body and mind work together there is much more balance than when a person is too specialized!

With a maximum population of 18 we do give preference to Interns who have the abilities and desire to work on any of our Eco-feminist Community projects in addition to their normal community manager chores.

Especially when it comes to our reproductive rights and sex positive feminist projects, interns can choose to share what they are working on or not.

In other words, as as happened many times already, interns can work on our various eco-feminist brain projects and nobody on the community will have any idea that they are doing so!

This is part of our ongoing effort to be a community of individuals and to respect privacy, and Sexual Harassment Guidelines especially with regards to our more risque work.