6. INTERN LODGINGS. What kind of Lodgings can I expect as a Community Intern?

28 Nov

All Community Interns will be assigned lodgings based on availability, seniority, work ethic, friendliness and aptitude.

Single Community Interns enjoy any of the following dorm spaces which are shared with only one other person of the same gender:

  1. Aloha Bus,
  2. Avocado Hale,
  3. Ohi’a Camper

Single Interns who wish to have a private space can stay at one of the following based on availability for no additional fee:

  1. Puka Hale
  2. Rain Forest Tent
  3. Private Camping

Couples are assigned a private space which can be one of the following:

They can also camp or share one of the dorm spaces.

Intern Private Spaces. We understand that some single Community Interns prefer to sleep in a private space. This is possible under three different conditions.

  1. If the Intern is promoted to Anchor Manager
  2. For being on duty one full extra shift
  3. For additional Upgrade Payments based on the lodging they desire. This also applies to couples seeking to stay at one of the lodgings with more amenities.