2. INTERN REQUIREMENTS. What are the Requirements for being an Intern Community Manager?

28 Nov
  1. Idealistic but Pragmatic. Our ideal Community Interns are ambitious people who want to use their time at Hedonisia to further their own goals and dreams of improving society and/or the environment. Unlike other communities, we offer the opportunity for interns to learn how to manage the community plus having a focus on ‘Mind’, Heart or Body work!
  2. Education & Enthusiasm for Learning. We do love candidates who have at least some post-secondary education. It does not matter if you didn’t complete your degree or training. Simply to have done any post-secondary education is enough! We have noticed that a person who continues to learn in their twenties rather than dropping out of high school in their teens is much easier to work with and train. While we can accept someone as an intern who did not complete high school it is necessary for them to show exceptional enthusiasm for learning!
  3. Self Motivation. Though you will have a support team of other community members and the directors, self-motivated individuals will find much to make them busy on their work shifts!
  4. Communication: This position is ideal for someone with great communication skills as you will be communicating with volunteers, the Director and other Community Interns regarding various physical and web-based projects.
  5. Volunteer Management: You will be working with volunteers on projects to keep the property maintained and to coordinate creative and beautification projects.

Intern Entrepreneur Ideas

We understand that many people want to intern at Hedonisia because it takes only two days of work to have a great community to live in Hawaii.

People who see this as just a great place to stay and meet people tend to also see this as a job and behave according. However, this internship is NOT a job and there is a Community Director NOT a boss.

Those who treat it as such will only get so much out of their internship. 

While we want everyone to have a great time, our IDEAL candidate is someone who truly wants to make the world a better place. Those who show both in word and action that they want to be selfless rather than self-centered.

It doesn’t have to be as an idealistic entrepreneur. It could be through a profession like being a Park Ranger or a nurse or working in a non-profit.

An intern who actually ‘get’s what we are trying to teach and then goes on the make a living income with a business idea that improves the lives, of people or the planet.They are the ones who benefit. (As well as the planet!)

This internship is ideal for those who ALSO want to be an ethical entrepreneur!

Our little eco-community manages the following educational resource websites for ethical entrepreneurs.

When Interns have an idea they would like to work on, even if it takes them years, they can then choose Brain Focus projects that align with the business they want to start from our portfolio:

  1. Hedonisia Handbook: How to manage an Eco-Tourist Community
  2. EcoFeminist Entrepreneur: Creating commercial products and services for gender equality.
  3. EcoSexual Entrepreneur: Working with sexuality to improve society and the natural environment.
  4. Activist Entrepreneur: Using Using business as a tool for social change.

Interns are 'Heroes' not 'Union Workers'. Occasionally, there are interns who are not self-motivated. They do only what they are told to do and simply wait around for instructions. We call such interns ‘Union Workers’. We can accept union workers as fair-trade volunteers or weekly/monthly guests doing a community support shift. However, union worker types do not make good Community Manager Interns.

We encourage social entrepreneurs but are happy when people simply make connections and friends during their time at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community!

Interns & Friends in Hawaii
Emily & Tara: Intern Friends!

Emily - Intern Role Model. Emily, a past intern performed her duties very much according to the Hedonisia Community Guidelines!

  1. Excellent communication skills. She nearly always consulted before doing anything major. Followed up on focus projects with emails and phone calls and thorough Reports. Was patient, polite, detailed and easy to communicate with.
  2. Phone Questions. Called many times for clarification of issues both big and small. As a result, there were almost no miscommunications.
  3. New Ideas. Throughout her stay, she suggested new ideas with enthusiasm and follow through and was not dismayed if I did not agree to some of them!
  4. Brain, Heart and Body Focus. We love interns who can work on all three as it shows a great sense of balance. Emily did that!
  5. Calm Handling of Stressful Situations. There were a few on her shifts and she handled them with relative ease.
  6. Strong Finish. As her time came to a close she has continued to work hard in the community for a strong finish or what we call an 'honorable departure'.