1. INTERN VOLUNTEER COMPARISON. How is a Fair-Trade Volunteer different from an Intern Community Manager?

22 Nov

Intern Volunteer Comparison

Based on your travel needs, personality and what you want to get out of your stay at our community, these are some of the major differences between our two most popular programs!

Fair-Trade Volunteer Program

Intern Community Manager

Cost Difference
Volunteers pay for each week of stay. If you only wish to stay 3 months or less then the Volunteer Program is more affordable!If you stay longer than 3 months it is cheaper to be an Intern Community Manager.
Work Hours
Volunteers only work 12 hours a week doing jobs under the instructions of an Intern. They have much less responsibility and their work hours are week day mornings.An Intern's work hours are from 8:30 am to 10:30pm. However, then they have 5 days off to enjoy paradise for up to one year at no extra cost.
Authority & Education
Volunteers have less authority and learning opportunities. But that also means less responsibility! Volunteers simply have to follow instructions not give them!An Intern gets to learn how to manage an intentional community! Interns enjoy a practical and theoretical education in sustainable community management.
Eco-Feminist & Mind Work Projects
Because they are usually staying for a relatively short time, only volunteers with special skills can do 'brain work' projects.Interns are much more involved in our Eco-Feminist Entrepreneur portfolio of international and local web projects.
Flexibility & Length of Stay
Normally volunteers stay for a few weeks but less than three months. Volunteers have greater flexibility in scheduling as this is a more tourist based program.If an intern passes their training, they can stay up to one year as long as they perform their duties well! However, they are required to follow the intern schedule of two days per week.
Work Ethic & Responsibility
Volunteers work fixed hours and follow instructions. They can be Union Workers. Both require a good work ethic.Interns work less shifts but are responsible for community management. They are Heroes!