4. JUNGLE CREATURES. What about snakes and other ‘creepy crawlies’ in the jungle?

27 Feb

Cat and Rat

No Dangerous Animals. A common concern we hear is whether or not there are any dangerous animals our guests should be aware of. The Hawaiian rainforest is unique in the fact that it is the safest jungle in the world! There are no animals here that can really cause you harm.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of and expect:

  • Mosquitoes, Fire Ants & Centipede. Though it continues to surprise visitors, please note that there are insects in the jungle! However, all of the insects here are harmless. The main ones to watch out for are the Little Fire Ants and a centipede that gives a painful sting. Though we usually have some on supply, if you are sensitive bring a strong, eco-friendly insect repellant.
  • Wild Pigs. You can expect to see wild pigs at Hedonisia. The cruise around the property at night and you might hear them snorting around the outside of your lodging space. However, they are easily scared off and startled by making a loud noise!

Note: Ocean Currents. Perhaps the most dangerous natural phenomenon in Hawai'i is the ocean itself. Hawaiian surf and ocean currents can be strong so be fully aware of your limitations when swimming in the open Hawaiian ocean!