4. PARENTS WITH CHILDREN. Can a parent with children ‘fit in’ with the community as a Guest, Volunteer or Intern? Do you have a program suitable for pregnant mothers?

23 Nov

* Pregnant Volunteers or Interns. It is no problem for a pregnant female to stay at Hedonisia as an Intern, Volunteer or Guest. However, we strongly suggest having the funds to rent or buy a car because the public transport system is quite primitive in our area of Hawaii.

Being pregnant and trying to hitchhike can be quite a challenge especially in the hot sun or rain of East Hawaii. Unless working on the Heart or Brain focus specialties we do NOT recommend that pregnant women apply to do purely physical Body work as a Volunteer or Intern.

We do recommend pregnant volunteers stay under our Weekly/Monthly Guest Program. This means they only have one Community Support Volunteer Shift a week.

** Parents with Children are welcome as Nightly Guests, for up to 5 nights, but not as InternsWeekly/Monthly Guests or Volunteers! Babies 2 and under stay for free but children over 2 are priced the same as an adult.

Family Friendly Intentional Communities. There are other communities in the Puna area such as Cinderland Eco-VillageLa'akea Community, Polestar, Hawaiian Sanctuary and SPACE Hawaii that allow families.

We do not recommend that parents bring their children or babies to Hedonisia for the following reasons:

  1. An Adult Environment. Our community is called Hedonisia and it is definitely geared more towards adults! For example, there are sensual murals and art throughout the property.  Many people reserve with us expecting more of a child-free environment and children have caused complaints from other guests in the past. Hedonisia is one of the few places where adults can relax without children!
  2. Dangerous Natural Features on Property.  We have a volcanic crater and 'bottomless' lava tube onsite which can be very dangerous for unsupervised children.
  3. Volunteers/Interns with Children. It is illegal for a child to work. So parents have to look after their children even while working which can be distracting, as well as dangerous should they wander off. When we did allow volunteers or interns with children in the past they had to arrange for babysitters off property which was difficult.
  4. Parental Responsibility. All parents are completely responsible for the care of their children as well as any effects they may have on other community members and the property itself. If an unsupervised child is hurt, disturbs the peace of the community in any way, fails to behave, or destroys personal or private property, parents are held responsible.
  5. No other children. Based on past experience, children often wish to be around other children and feel lonely when surrounded only by other adults.

Parental Liability Release. In addition to the Registration Form we require parents to sign an additional Children Guidelines & Liability Release Form!

Termination of Stay. Hedonisia reserves the right to terminate the stay immediately due to inappropriate behavior of the child and/or lack of parental responsibility in the community. Parents are held fully responsible for the actions of their children in the community while visiting.Your stay can be terminated for reasons such as:

  • Leaving your children unsupervised on the property at any time. If your child is hurt, you are held responsible.
  • Relying on or requesting another community member to supervise your child(ren) without offering compensation before service is performed.
  • Interactions between you and your child(ren) disturbing other community members in any manner.
  • If your child is repeatedly and consistently disturbing other community members through loud or obnoxious behavior.
  • If your child causing disruptions with or acting unkindly and rudely towards any of our community pets and animals.