8. STUDENT INTERNS. I am a US student. Can I still be an Intern at Hedonisia and have it reflected in my course requirements?

28 Nov

US Students. We are willing to work with universities or other educational institutions to adjust our internship program to fit with their school requirements. However, for those who are receiving a grant or credit there may be extra work and training involved depending on the requirements of your institution.

Additional Student Processing Fees. Our standard fee for the Intern Training is $695 for a typical applicant. However, if we are required to do additional paperwork to satisfy your student requirements then we do charge an additional fee of $25 per hour to complete those forms with a $25 minimum.

If there is an ongoing commitment of paperwork or reports to send in to your University or Grant office then we charge a flat rate of $250.

However, if your school or grant office does not require any additional paperwork from us or if you are able to complete it yourself then you save on this cost!