5. VISITORS. Can someone visit me or enjoy an overnight visitor stay with me?

4 Mar

Many hostels and communities do not allow overnight guests. We do but with the following guidelines:

  1. DAY VISITORS: If you invite someone on the property you are responsible for ensuring that they abide by ALL Visitor Regulations which are posted in The Barn. All Visitors must clean up after themselves. We hate cleaning up after a Visitor!
  2. Do not bring Visitors here with the expectation that they have a place to stay as a Volunteer. Spontaneous visitors can only pay to stay as Nightly Guests. They must first complete the Community Participation Application Form before we will accept them as a volunteer or intern if space is available.
  3. No Visitors after 9pm unless okayed by the Community Directors.
  4. ALL Visitors must pay $5 for use of the internet.