2. YOUTH. I am young and eager with a great desire to learn but little experience. Is experience required to be a Volunteer or Intern?

22 Nov

Age is not necessarily a limiting factor if you are hardworking and excited to learn!
Interns are not expected to work in all the special focus areas but should be a little familiar with our projects so they can answer visitor questions. We strive for balance in Body, Mind and Heart work.
However, some interns may choose to focus more in one specific area:

  1. Body Work. These interns are happy to play an extra active role in community care activities such as deep cleanings of common facilities, lodging spaces, land work and who care about the physical upkeep of the plants and/or buildings in the community.
  2. Heart Work. We have had wonderful Interns who are great at Human Relations and people management (or "heart" work) but who are not capable of doing intense physical ‘body’ work! Human relations definitely qualifies as heart work! Actually, all the Interns have a focus on ‘heart work’ because they are living and working with Guests, Volunteers and other Interns in our Hawaiian paradise!
  3. Brain Work. These projects are a core part of our community identity. Our ideal longer term Intern Community Members should have at least some interest in them. We have had very brainy people who have worked on our websites but are not great at heart or body work. Every person has their specialty. We only ask that Intern applicants be a little open to learning a bit about the other specialties.