Rebuilding on Original Land

Rebuilding on the Post-Volcano Hedonisia Property

It will take time as roads are built again through the vast area that was covered by lava.  Of the nearly 4 acres that comprised Hedonisia, about 3 acres are covered in lava and is 50 – 120 feet higher than before. However, there remains a large patch of green of about 1-acre in a beautiful C-shaped ‘kipuka’. Our new green oasis is approximately 1 acre in size. It would allow us to still grow plants for our agriculture needs.

In addition to rebuilding a community space, we are also setting aside 4 plots of land on the property for investors to build a tiny home. That way they have a place to stay in the community for part of the year and a small income from their place when they are away.

Check out the Hedonisia Tiny Home Investor Program.

The kipuka is where we will grow plants. In the foreground is the area we will bulldoze for tiny homes.

Until we can fully return and rebuld on our original land we are offering a mini-version of our pre-volcano Intern and Volunteer working and educational discount stays in Hawaii!

Depending on the dates you would like to arrive, you can choose to stay at Hedonisia under our Pioneer or Solitude programs!

Apply for Hedonisia Pioneer or Residential Volunteer Programs!