Tiny Home Exchange in Hawaii

Camping or Tiny Home Exchange for Discount Rent

Prior to the 2018 volcano eruption, we did many home exchanges around the world with wonderful people who stayed at my pre-volcano home.

Hedonisia Hawaii Kipuka
Hedonisia Hawaii Kipuka

Though my house is now destroyed, I can still offer camping or tiny home in exchange for a discount on rental with visitors planning a trip to Hawaii.

Not all the land was covered by lava. There is still a section of land that is green. In the Hawaiian language, land that did not get covered by lava is called a Kipuka.

Our Kipuka featured in the photo, is one-acre in size and is surrounded by an ocean of lava in a beautiful post-apocalyptic landscape.

My property is surrounded by lava. The backyard view is still steaming with underground lava from the 2018 eruption.The front lookout is a sweeping ocean view with lava and jungle. A volcanic paradise!


Mojo with Hedonisia Steaming Lava View
Mojo with Hedonisia Steaming Lava View

Montreal, Canada: J'aime Montreal!  It is one of my favorite cities in the world. I'm currently living there and it's cold but wonderful.

Montreal is the city I most wish to live in.  It is the only major city in North America that speaks French.

We had many Quebecois visitors to our pre-volcano community

Other Desired Exchanges for Future Travel

These are cities where I lived before, like Copenhagen, or wish to live in, like Melbourne.

  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Lisbon, Portfugal

About Me

Pre-Volcano Community Pic
Pre-Volcano Community Pic

I was the Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii. I've lived in community for so many years in different countries that I'm comfortable with sharing living spaces.

I'm looking for longer term rentals of at 3 months as it is expensive to travel for a short stay. As well, tourist visas for the above countries are for a maximum of 3 months.

I do not need an entire home or apartment. Other than English, I speak intermediate French and beginner German, Dutch, Japanese and Thai.

I'm happy with the following:

  • A Private Room. When I was younger I lived in many hostels while traveling. Now that I'm older, I like my private space.
  • A Private Bathroom. That would be most welcome but is not required.
  • A Desk,  Chair and WiFi. I work on the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio. As long as I have access to the internet, I can travel and work from places in the world that I love. This is what I'm currently doing.
Tiny Home in Hawaii
Tiny Home in Hawaii

Discount for Lodgings. I can only offer either camping or staying in my tiny home house in exchange for a discount on the rental accomodation. It is not luxury but you will be in one of the most unique locations in Hawaii. 

This offer is for those who wish to enjoy a part of their stay in Hawaii for free during the winter months.

This exchange is available for long or short term stays.

Here are the two exchange options:

  1. Camping Exchange: I do have a tent and bedding but you are welcome to bring your own. This option is available for a small discount. I'm traveling on a budget so any discount is helpful.
  2. Tiny Home Exchange: I have built a small tiny home on the land where you can stay. Facilities are still primitive but this is a small house with solar electricity. If you wish to have this option please offer a larger discount on your place or some free time.

You can stay for up to three months. However, we notice with our pre-volcano home exchangers, that they would enjoy part of their stay at our place and then visit other islands in the state.

If you wish to enjoy a longer stay than a week, my main request is that you help for a few hours a week with land work The work will be focused on making your space and the facilities more comfortable :)

If you would like to enjoy a volcanic vacation in Hawaii please feel free to call at 808-269-2825 or email.

I look forward to welcoming you to Hawaii. Aloha!