Introduction to Intern Training

Upon arrival to Hedonisia, the Intern Candidate will be welcomed to the Community, given a tour of the property, and shown their food and lodging space. The day after arrival is a day off to adjust to Hawaii and the jungle paradise we call home.

Breakdown of Intern Candidate Training:

  • Week One (5-day Volunteer Week): When a Trainee arrives, their first day is free. Volunteer Days 1 to  5 is concurrent on weekdays. Only in special circumstances will Trainee Volunteer shifts occur on weekends.
  • Week Two:  There is a 1 or 2-day break followed by 3 Shadow Days, with 1-day breaks between each Shadow Day. This gives applicants plenty of time to read and prepare for the Review after Shadow Shift 3.
  • Week Three: This would be the 2nd week of Shadow Training if the applicant did not pass 1st Review

1st Week: Working as a Volunteer.

Volunteer Training Schedule

1) Observation & Evaluation: The Trainee will perform the tasks as instructed visually and orally by the Intern on shift, and notify the Intern on shift for evaluation or questions when done. The Intern on shift should try to encourage the Trainee to stay open and positive to feedback to get the full benefits of training. Also, the Intern should evaluate the Trainee’s ability to work independently by going away for short periods. This will allow the Intern to monitor the Trainee’s progress, understanding of the job and efficiency.

2) Question, Answers & Feedback: Interns should always remind Trainees to ask any questions they have at the end of every shift during the Volunteer Week Training. Interns should offer Trainees clear and specific feedback as such feedback helps to strengthen weak areas and accentuates strengths. It also helps trainees understand why we do certain tasks a specific way. Always start by recognizing the positive work they’ve done before giving correctional feedback.

3) Evaluate candidates work in Intern Daily Report: The Intern on duty will assess the Trainee’s performance in the Daily Shift Report.

2nd Week of Intern Training: Shadow Shifts

Shadow Week Training Schedule

Interns Training Interns! Tips & Reminders

The Intern Shadow Week consists of 3 shifts from 8:30am – 10:30pm. Shadow shifts complete the training experience to ensure a smooth transition into the Intern program. Intern Candidates will shadow and provide support to the Intern on Duty using the Intern Daily Check List.

  • One of the best ways to learn is to teach another. So all Interns train Intern Candidates on their Shadow Days just as another Intern did for them.
  • On Shadow Days, Trainees accompany the Intern on Duty as the Intern performs their duties.  The training Intern should work to pass on as much as she can to her accompanying Candidate. Sharing tasks and encouraging a Trainee’s questions to enhance the training process.
  • Training a new Intern Candidate is also a big part of an Intern’s Focus Project for the day. The Intern on Duty should stay available during her Focus time to help Trainees with tasks or answer questions when needed.
  • Training includes the physical AND the theoretical material that is in the Hedonisia Handbook.
  • It takes practice to be a good trainer. The more Candidates an Intern trains, the better that Intern becomes as a Trainer.
  • If the training is done well, the new Intern becomes a valuable member of the Team, which benefits the whole community. Training Interns should not forget that Intern Candidates are able to see discrepancies between the Handbook and the training they receive.
  • Interns should share personal tips that they have learned about working efficiently as a Community Manager.
  • Interns should be “Heroes” when Trainees get stuck. This shows them how to help one another.
  • All Interns should remember that some of the best feedback we have received about the internship and training has come from new Interns who are seeing everything with fresh, new eyes.
  • We try to ensure that Intern Candidates have three different training Interns on their three Shadow Days so that Candidates are exposed to three different perspectives on managing our unique Hedonisia community.
  • Interns should do their very best to fight complacency, which tends to set in when an Intern has been a member of the community for some time, especially when the Director is away. All Interns should work to ensure that the principles and policies of our community remain intact even when the Director is away.