The Kilauea Volcano Eruption

The Kilauea Volcano Destruction of Hedonisia Hawaii

On May 26, 2018, lava completely covered the Hedonisia Eco-Community. Our beautiful community is gone.

We want to return and rebuild when it is safe to do so. In this spirit, we have set up a Rebirth Hedonisia Crowdfund.

Hawaii Volcano Information Resources:

The day Hedonisia burned

This photo, courtesy of the USGS, shows the Hedonisia property being taken by lava on May 26, 2018. 

Photo courtesy of the USGS, showing the Hedonisia property being taken by lava
My personal home was called the Jungle Cottage. You can see it burning in the photo.

The Hawai’ian Goddess Pele of Kilauea Volcano

Loving Non-Attachment: Life on an Active Volcano

One of the founding principles of the Hedonisia community is the Buddhist concept of “loving non-attachment”.

Our community was located in Lava Zone 1, on Kilauea Volcano’s lower East Rift Zone. We always knew there was a chance that we would be wiped out. But just like all those who live along the San Andreas earthquake fault in the West Coast of America, we never thought it would happen to us.

We loved our community and worked hard improving it. However, we practiced loving non-attachment by simultaneously reducing our dependence on it. One way the Community Director Mojo did this was by traveling. During the 14-years of Hedonisia 1, he stayed relatively long periods in 14 countries from Denmark to Costa Rica.

We use the principle of Loving Non-Attachment as a core part of our Activist Entrepreneur business model

Now it has been taken away in a flash of volcanic lava and the principle of loving non-attachment is really hitting home for us as we grieve our loss.


Please Support our effort to rebuild our eco-community.

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