Campground Maintenance

How to maintain our campsites and campground at Hedonisia!

As a private campground in Hawaii, we have 3 official camping spots on the property.

  • MPV Vehicle,
  • Avocado Camping
  • Rainforest Tent space

An intern who has the camping spots in their portfolio has all three spots to maintain! We provide sheltered camping spots which need to be cleaned and maintained.

Camping Pad Canopy in Hawaii
Avocado Camping Pad Canopy

Weeding is the main concern. A camping spot should look inviting. Scraggly and overgrown with weeds is NOT the look we want!

Weeds should not be growing into the sheltered area.

Sometimes when our campgrounds are full, we can let a person 'camp in the crater'! This is an unofficial spot directly at the bottom of our volcanic crater!

For Eco-Tourist info on this lodging option, (rates, features as well as to make a reservation, please go to the Hedonisia camping page.