Community Food Storage

Private Refrigerator & Dry Food Community Food Storage Spaces

Community Food Storage Areas - Refrigerators Cleaning - We have 3 fridges. We use two at a time and we move the stuff to the third fridge when cleaning.

Ensure that the community fridge and dry food areas are clean and free of old or moldy food, organize spaces for easy food identification and accessibility.

All Guests and Volunteers are expected to wash their own dishes. The Volunteer on Cleaning Duty can enforce this rule by telling offenders of they can simply wash the dishes. The choice is theirs!

Ensure the kitchen receives a deep cleaning at least once a week. We are always looking to improve its functionality.

Community Donation Food Shelves in the fridges and the pantry are also part of this portfolio.

All interns are responsible for the general cleanliness of the storage spaces throughout the week.