Community Kitchen Cleaning Instructions

Eco-Friendly Tips for Community Kitchen Cleaning

We have a wonderful jungle style outdoor kitchen that is very popular with our visitors.

THE COMMUNITY KITCHEN & APPLIANCES: (Clean as needed)Average time to complete
Wash & Organize Dishes:

  • Put cutlery, dishes, bowls, pots, and pans, etc. in their correct places.
  • Make sure that the plastic containers and jars have matching lids. If there are too many storage containers re-cycle the excess.
  • Clean the counter-tops and sink. Empty sink-drainer into compost.
  • Wipe down all appliances: hot plate, stove, microwave, and toaster oven.
15 min
2. Take out the garbage. Empty small garbage can in the kitchen into large garbage bins. Wash bin if needed.5 min
3. Sweep or mop kitchen Floor.  Clean under the Kitchen Sink area especially directly underneath the sink, the compost bin, and the garbage bin.15 min
4. Food Compost. The compost bucket must be emptied daily in the designated compost zone. Alert the chickens, then scrub bucket & hose wash.10 min
5. Kitchen Sink Cleaning. When either cleaning the sink yourself or inspecting the work done by a volunteer, use the metal scrubbie to really scrub the sink and behind the taps. Both drinking sink and washing sink can get very dirty. 15 min