Eco-Paint Management

We use a combination of recycled and selectively purchased paints to decorate and enhance the various structures in the community.

We have found that it is actually quite eco-friendly to use paint. A coat of paint can make something old seem new and vibrant again.


And on a blank wall, instead of just using one color of paint which tends to look terrible after years have gone by, we create murals. An art mural ages much better than a one-color painted wall so we have created 'hedonisia style' murals all around the property.

Linda, our Bookings Director managed an art camp in NJ. Based on our community needs here is an efficient color scheme for purchasing paint in the correct proportions for maximum flexibility:

  • One gallon white and yellow.
  • ½ gallon red & blue
  • ¼ gallon black
  • 1 gallon of primer

With that color mix and proportion there is flexibility to create any color at all! Especially with the red and the blue a little goes a long way!

However, we do want to use up the old paints in outdoor projects. It is NOT ecofriendly to throw away rotten paintl!

Ideally an intern who likes to paint should have this as their portfolio project.