Eco-Shower Bathroom & Laundry

Maintenance & Cleaning Video for:


  1. Clean lint filter in laundry area
  2. Keep laundry area locked.
  3. Clean shower, Toothbrush area, and bathroom facilities.. 3 rolls of tp on the top of the toilet, one on the roll and one on the bar by the roll. Clean toilet, sweep deck, concrete floor. Check the trash can outside in the laundry area. If it’s full, empty and clean

  • ECO-TOILET, SHOWER & LAUNDRY (Clean as needed)
Average time to complete
    • Do Hedonisia laundry 1st thing. See Manager for laundry soap.
    • Clean lint from Dryer.
    • Put in 1 load of laundry of sheets or dirty rags.
    • Tidy the Washer and Dryer area;
  • Clear and wipe the area above and around the washer and dryer area
15 min
2. Shower Area: tidy the shower. Put non-used shampoos and conditioners in the Communal box or if empty into the Recycling Zone. Scrub floor of the shower if it looks has soap stains or is slippery.15 min
3. Eco-Toilet Area – Clean Toilet bowl with brush. Sweep toilet platform. Ensure that there are at least 3 rolls of Toilet Paper.15 min
4. Tooth Brush Zone – Wipe down and scrub the sinks and taps with an old toothbrush.5 min

  1. Organize sheets by size—twin, full, queen etc.—in the sheet storage area
  2. Organize pillow cases in the sheet storage area, check for signs of mold
  3. Check all pillows for mold; rotate pillows in and out of the office to prevent mold damage
  1. Refill dish soap, laundry soap, and vinegar solution cleaning containers
  2. Clean out the shower space. Recycle all empty bottles. Ask everyone to claim their products; unclaimed products will be recycled and combined for use as hand-washing soap.
  3. Use vinegar to spray all common space furniture, to keep mold down.
  4. Disinfect kitchen scrubbies using hydrogen peroxide
  5. Consolidate old towels and clothes left hanging up by the laundry zone. Place them in a basket and ask community members to claim their items. This is done once every two weeks. Unclaimed towels are washed and used for resale. Unclaimed clothes are donated into the free bin.
  6. Check the washing machine drainage zone, located by our Noni tree, to make sure water is not pooling.
  7. Clean glass above the toothpaste sink
  8. Scrub the toothpaste sink thoroughly, especially if there is any sign of black mold.
  9. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. Consolidate unclaimed food items and place in the community section.


Eco-Community Propane Policy

We are an eco-tourist community so we try to use as little propane as possible.

However, sometimes it's necessary to turn on the propane for the Solar Shower! We have these policies to ensure the gas is not overused.

When turning on the propane make sure visitors don't see how we're doing it.  A lot of people try to look because they want to be to do turn the gas on themselves. For safety and security, we do not allow guests to do this. Instead, interns will simply ask guests to go turn on the water in the shower and then say if it is hot. 


EcoFriendly Products