How to make up a Bed!

Hedonisia Eco-Tourist Check-in & Check-out Instructions
How to make up a bed!

Lodgings must be cleaned on day of checkout and then prepped with bedding on the day of a checkin. Please report when this does not happen so we can then look back in the records to see who was on duty that day.

Cleaning lodgings is easiest if you do it with volunteers between 11:00-12:30.

Checkout is at 11:00.

However, we are only strict about the time with a friendly reminder if we have a new same day checkin. If there is no checkin scheduled for that day we can let departing guests take their time for a more leisurely checkout!

Preparation of Lodging Sleeping Spaces

  • Maintenance: Check lodging spaces for leaks, standing water, bugs and other issues. If it’s a deep problem report what you find. Contact the appropriate person (Directors, Anchor Managers, Shift Leader, etc.) to handle repairs or fix a problem.
  • Clean Lodging Bed Spaces Upon Checkout: Be sure to bring up pillows to dry in the private office, clear bed spaces, wash dirty laundry, and clear out all food and shower supplies for departing guests. Departing volunteers, volunteers, monthly guests and intern managers are reminded to clean their space as a community courtesy.
  • Lodging Exterior. Be sure to keep area surrounding accommodations weeded and looking nice.

All Twin Size and Dorm Spaces are to be set with a SLEEPING BAG, not Quilts or Blankets. 

And all twin sheets are in a black & white motif. This makes identifying sheet sizes and setting up a breeze!

How to Make Up a Bed: Instruction Video Pt. 1, Full Size Bed

Bed Making Video Pt. 2, Twin Size Bed

Moldy pillows is probably one of the worst complaints we receive. Always remember to check a pillow both visually and with the smell test to make sure that it is okay.

And upon checkout make sure the pillow is good before storing it in the ziplock. If if looks good but smells damp, then put it for a few minutes in the dryer.

Using sheets for covering mattresses.

Cover all the mattresses on the property that don’t have mattress covers with large flat or fitted sheets. Lizards are pooping on the bare mattresses and the traditional mattress covers disintegrate over time.