Jungle Cottage Cleaning Instructions

Jungle Cottage Cleaning & Deep Clean Guidelines

This is a very important lodging and needs to be cleaned to hotel quality. All sides of everything, doors, cabinets, floors, mirrors, ledges, corners, behind appliances, etc must be cleaned and bright.

The bathroom should be sparkling, towels clean and hung up, beds made with care and generally clean it like you are going to the Ritz and expect it to be just as clean.

We want to work WITH volunteers we know are detailed oriented and will do a good job.

No rush jobs in this lodging are accepted. Take 3 hours to clean if it was a long term stay, and 1 hour if it was just a short term stay depending on how they left it.

But all laundry is to be done and replaced correctly.

Jungle Cottage Cleaning Check-In and Set-up Guidelines

  • Remember to leave shampoo and conditioner for guest if we have it
  • If there are fruits picked, try and leave some fresh ones in the JC!
  • Use the red paint under the bathroom sink if parts of the sinks paint chips off
  • Don't forget to sweep or use the vacuum for outside.
  • Hang bidet faucet behind the toilet.
  • Scrub recycling and trash buckets clean
  • If there is time, scrub the shower curtain or soak it in eco-friendly bleach.
  • Clean  and tidy under the kitchen and bathroom sink.
  • Put the squatty potty stool on the side of the toilet for those who wish to use it.