Mosquito Eating Pond Fish!

Eco-Community Mosquito Eating Pond Fish!

  • Jungle Cottage Pond Crater View
    Jungle Cottage Mosquito Eating Pond Fish!

    Check fish ponds in front of the Jungle Cottage. Keep lily coverage at 50 percent. Add water or remove lilies if necessary. Add fresh lilies from this pond to the eco-toilet aquarium to feed fish

  • Wipe Aquarium lightly with a rag both on the inside and the outside. Afterwards remove some of the dirty water from the tank. This water is laced with fish excrement and ideal for growing plants. 2 great locations to use this water fertilizer water are the salad zone or herb garden.
  • Add rain water ideally to fish tank to top it up.

We currently have Mosquito Eating Pond Fish Ponds in the following locations:

  • In front of the JC. This is our biggest and the one where you can get extra fish and lillies if any of the other ponds are running out.
  • By the Meditation Temple.
  • In the Smoking Temple.
  • The Aquarium in the bathroom.