Puka Hale Maintenance

As the most isolated and unique lodging on the property Puna Hale has a few special maintenance requirements.

Beautify interior and exterior, Keep Kava plant weeded and looking nice.

Accommodation set-up Guidelines:

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when setting up different spaces at Hedonisia.

Puka Hale Crater Hut Maintenance
As the only hut in our crater there are special maintenance instructions.

Lodging Exterior & Surroundings. Any plants that continually touch one of our huts causes water to transfer and mold to form because it reduces air flow to the building. Thick weeds around any building also cause the same problems. As long as grass or weeds are not touching a structure that is fine.  However, THE priority weeding project is to clear at least a yard around each one of the huts or community buildings. The same applies to any plants that are overhanging a community building or lodging.

Prior to making the bed ensure that the space is thoroughly cleaned; if there are any strange smells or issues report them to the anchor manager or director in order to identify a quick solution!