Rollinia House Maintenance

Post-Volcano Hedonisia Links

Hedonisia Hawaii was destroyed in the Kilauea volcano eruption in 2018. These links are to the projects we work on as we prepare to return to our land.

Portland Micro-Community - Virtual Volunteer
EcoFeminist Web Portfolio - Tech Profit Sharing

?Rebirth Hedonisia 2.0 Crowdfund ?

This is one of our popular rentals! However, Rollinia House Maintenance is ongoing. The house was designed with no eaves. Sometimes the rain does blow in. So until we address the issue, with extra eaves or roofing, we have to continually check on the roof leaks?

Ensure that bottom of Hale is sealed from water leaks, Beautify interior and exterior spaces.

Make sure there is no water leaks, keep area around hale weeded, check for dropped fruit,

Accommodation Set-up Guidelines:

Rollinia House Maintenance
Rollinia House Beautification!

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when setting up different spaces at Hedonisia.

Select a fitted sheet and flat sheet that will fit the space you are setting up (single, twin, full or queen depending on the bed-space). When possible use a matching sheet and pillow set.

For single guests staying in dorm spaces (Oha’ia, Aloha Bus or tents) we typically  provide one pillow and a sleeping bag.

For double occupancy and for our more expensive lodging options we use a blanket/quilt and provide two pillows

Jungle Cottage and Kahuna have a special set of bedding and blankets that are used specifically for these spaces.

When setting up accommodations take into consideration the location of the lodging. Campsites and lodging spaces with screen walls will be cooler at night.

Prior to making the bed ensure that the space is thoroughly cleaned; if there are any strange smells or issues report them to the anchor manager or director in order to identify a quick solution!