Soil Quarry & Road Rocks

To avoid landslides, we are stopping the harvesting of red cinder from the slope along the chicken coop. Also do not get any more black soil from behind Banana Hale or by Cozy Nook.

We have declared a new soil and rock harvesting area!

Behind the Jungle Hideaway spot which we want to build our new hut on. The area by the base of the fallen ohi’a tree and surrounding land can be landscaped for 3 reasons:

  1. This area has is full of rich dark soil which we can harvest and use in our agriculture and for our fruit trees.
  2. This is also where we want to harvest for fist-sized granite rocks which are much better to repair our roads and driveways than red cinder which breaks and turns to mud after a few months. Don’t use any more red cinder in areas where cars go.
  3. Larger rocks can be used to help level this land and for fill so that we have level ground to build our hut on!