Tools Safety & Maintenance

  1. Reorganize once a month (this is a great rainy day job.
  2. Keep electrical tool shed locked.
  3. Organize screws and nails into separate containers, so that all are visible
  4. Make sure paints are sealed and in the paint storage fridge.



We have never had a serious accident on our community and part of that is because we really try to be safe!  Especially as an Eco-Feminist Community where we often have women using tools for the first time! As a result, tools safety is very important for us.

Despite what is shown in the video, you should never wear gloves when operating a spinning or rotating machine, especially with loose material hanging off the glove. It can get caught and pull your hand into the machine. Very dangerous.
Accidents can happen to Anyone! We had a hardworking jungle queen intern who also thought she was invincible. She set out to do a quick fix and needed to cut a piece of bamboo. She grabbed the handy Japanese hand saw, but thought she knew the saw enough not to need some gloves this time. She started cutting the bamboo, but the stick was unsteady and the saw went through her hand! The community rushed to help and get it cleaned and bandaged! Luckily it was not a deep cut but she had to get stitches. Healing the injury has been instructive in patience. However, it was an injury that could have been avoided had she been wearing her gloves! The moral of the story is to be humble and realize you are not invincible. Always remember safety precautions!