Weed Whack Jungle Property!

How to Safely Weed Whack Jungle Property!

We use weedwhackers to keep our ever-growing jungle slightly under control!

Currently, we have both an electric and a gas model.

It is totally okay to not to rake the grass clippings where the ground is very hard. However, there are certain zones that must be raked:

  1. In front of the Bamboo Bungalow,
  2. At the bottom of the triangle dip going towards Aloha Bus
  3. The area between Rainforest Tent and Avocado Hale.

These areas hold water and the grass grows especially thick in these locations. These areas MUST have the grass clippings raked otherwise, based on past experience the clippings break down and the whole thing turns to mud.

In fact, that is exactly what happened last week when someone turned around down below with their vehicle and created mud ruts! We have some mud to harvest!

Use the clippings around tree bases as mulch or under tarps in avocado drop areas. Inventory of the avocado trees locations on the site

When finished with using the gas weed whacker, please make sure that it is stored engine side up. Otherwise the engine will flood.