iv. Shadow Shift 3

Intern Training Schedule SHADOW DAY 3

1) Morning Routine - Body Work

 AM WORK (Collaborative) 

  1. 8:30 AM Intern Shift Start
  2. Portfolio Walk around & Text
  3. Working With Volunteers (Weekdays)
  4. Deep Cleaning Weekends

2) AFTERNOON WORK - Heart Work (Collaborative; Total est. time 110 min)

  1. Explain best practices with money and the safe (15 min)
  2. Shift Calendar & Heart Board. Show Intern Candidate how to edit the Intern Schedule on the Google Calendar and how to update the Heart Board. (15 min)
  3. Intern Report. The Intern Candidate will complete the process of filling in the Daily Intern Report. (15 min) 
  4. Explain Orientation Tour (15 min)
    • Cold and dry food storage
    • Locations of power outlets
    • Community food/spices
    • Community kitchen (emphasize washing as you clean)
    • Filtered water
    • Compost/recycling/trash
    • Smoking Temple
    • Sinks for washing face/brushing teeth
    • Laundry facilities
    • Eco-toilet
    • Solar shower
  5. Prep for afternoon Focus Call/Text (20 min)
  6. Thursday Tours & Edible & Useful Plants. Do a tour and show 7 edible or useful plants on the property!
  7. Intern Sales. Explain how sales and 50% commission works with the Hedo Eco- Recycling items and the end-of-month payout process. (5 min)
  8. Detailed instructions for Laundry. (15 min)
    • Demonstrate how to use the washer and dryer. Show where to get laundry detergent etc. Ensure the Intern Candidate is aware of the correct settings to wash and dry and the amount of laundry soap to use.
    • Explain the process of guest laundry (collecting payment, distributing soap, unlocking the laundry area, and locking it during load).
    • If possible have the Intern Candidate run a full cycle of community laundry.
    • Demonstrate a laundry sale
    • Show Intern Candidate where Community laundry is kept before it is washed (rags in Kitchen, & sheets in Laundry Zone.
    • Bed Sheets Organization: Explain sheet size organization in the Laundry Zone.
  9. Training in Fire Ant control (20 min)

Show our methods of dealing with fire ants, how to use poison, etc. Explain the differences between Orange Guard, Siesta, Diatomaceous Earth, and other ant poisons.

  1. Fire Ants
  2. Tab 2 of the Intern Spreadsheet

5.) INTERN CANDIDATE EVENING (Independent/Collaborative)

  1. 6 - 9 pm - Read Mind Section of the Handbook
  2. 9 - 9:30 pm - Test questions for a trainee after reading the Handbook

6.) CLOSING WORK (Collaborative)

  1. Go through evening cleaning
  2. Intern Report. Walk trainee through the process of filling in the Daily Intern Report


Reading for SS 3

Hedo Handbook MIND WORK


Mock Review

Intern On Duty must set aside 1/2 hour for Intern Shadow Review Questions with Intern Candidate.

Brain Review Questions

  1. SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY: How would you describe Hedonisia Hawaii to someone?
  2. BOOKINGS SPREADSHEET. Show the applicant any line in the bookings spreadsheet or cell and then ask them to describe what it means based on the color codes etc.
  3. INTERN MANAGER:  Is an Intern Community Manager considered an employee?
  4. PHONE INQUIRY: What is the policy for handling a phone call inquiry when you are 'on shift'?
  5. AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION: How much is a pick-up/drop-off to Hilo?
  6. GREEN TRAVEL: What are 3 green items you might suggest to potential Hedonisians to make their jungle stay more comfortable?
  7. PROGRAM DIFFERENCES: What is the difference between a Fair-Trade Volunteer and a Guest?
  8. USEFUL PLANTS: Name 7 plants that are currently edible or useful for the Orientation Tour. Mango's do NOT count as the trees are not bearing fruit yet!
  9. BOOKING.COM LODGINGS: Which two of Hedonisia's lodgings are listed on Booking.com?
  10. Community Ethics. List three advantages of a business or community being honest and transparent in all their dealings.
  11. ECOFEMINIST ENTREPRENEUR: Why do we call ourselves an 'eco-feminist community'?
  12. INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY: Name two core values and/or unique qualities about Hedonisia that make it an 'intentional community?'
  13. BOOKINGS: Someone arrives spontaneously and wants to pay for their stay in cash. How would you report their transaction in the bookings, manager reports, and cash report pages?
  14. INTERN LIVING: Can a volunteer or guest receive mail at Hedonisia? What are the guidelines?
  15. UNION vs. HERO: What does Hedonisia define as a 'union worker' or a 'hero?'
  16. CANCELLATIONS: What is our cancellation policy?

Not every question is listed here. Sometimes you just have to use common sense based on your training and knowledge of the manual, because there are so many things that can happen; it would be impossible to have a policy for everything.


Intern Training Review with Community Director

Depending on circumstances, at the end of the 3rd Shadow Shift or on the next day, Intern Candidates will receive a Verbal Review from the Community Director.

The review is based on the following criteria:

  1. Intern's work, ability to fit in with the Community, and knowledge of Community practices.
  2. Intern's knowledge of the Hedonisia Handbook.
  3. An assessment of the week's work, including progress and suggested feedback, by other Interns, is discussed in the weekly Monday meeting.
  4. A feedback meeting and comprehensive oral exam of the Handbook at the end of the Shadow Week with the Community Director.
  5. Intern Candidates who fail the initial oral exam will be re-tested the following week. In the unlikely event of 2 fails the Intern Candidate will be asked to change their status unless there are mitigating circumstances.
  6. Should an Intern Candidate fail their first oral exam, they will remain in Shadow Training without full access to the safe codes and passwords.

Passing the Review:

If the new Intern Candidate passes the Review, give them a big hug and welcome them to the Hedonisia Community Team.

  • i. Intern Working Agreement. Once approved, Interns must electronically sign the Working Agreement so they are formally and legally part of the Community.
  • ii.  Password Access: Interns in Training will be given their passwords and combinations in the 3rd week after they have passed and been accepted into the program, especially the safe. Before gaining access to the safe, please contact the Intern on Duty for access as they are accountable for the money on their shift.
  • iii. Pick your Portfolio. Now is the time to choose at least some of your Portfolio Projects from the list.