iii. Shadow Shift 2

Intern Training Schedule Shadow Day 2

1) Morning Routine - Body Work

AM WORK (Collaborative)

  1. 8:30 AM Intern Shift Start
  2. Portfolio Walk around & Text
  3. Working With Volunteers (Weekdays)
  4. Deep Cleaning Weekends

(Total est. time 95 min)

1) Afternoon 2:00 Focus Text

2) Do a mock Guest check-in (drop-in) (20 min)

  1. Greet the Guest
  2. Take picture of their Photo ID with iPad
  3. Have Guest complete the Registration Form
  4. Processing Payments (Square & Cash)
  5. Enter the appropriate information into the Bookings Spreadsheet 
  6. Give Orientation Tour, including dry and cold food space locations, recycling practices, property, etc. Emphasize kitchen etiquette!)

3) Do a mock call-in booking (15 min)

  1. Using Square to create subtotal to charge
  2. Charging credit cards using Square
  3. Enter the appropriate information into the Bookings Spreadsheet
  4. Get a phone number and/or e-mail for customers paying with a credit card.


  1. Shift Calendar: Show Candidate how to enter their work shifts into the Google Community Calendar. (15 min)
  2. Edit or check bookings/payments: Verbally explain and demonstrate:
    1. show how to check pricing of lodgings, programs, and services (10 min)
    2. show how to collect payment via CC or cash (5 min)
    3. show how to check prices of lodgings on Square (5 min)
    4. show how to collect CC payments on Square (5 min)
    5. Any payment, whether cash or CC, must be entered into the appropriate spreadsheet tab. (5 min)
  3. Tool Shed Orientation: Introduce and demonstrate any hand and power tools they are not familiar with and allow them to practice. (15 min)
  4. Mail & Receipts:  where to put mail and receipts. Take Candidate to get the mail and show how to sort the mail and how to sort it. Where to put Mojo & Hedonisia mail, guest, mail, Unclaimed Mail, etc. (5 min)

5) Late PM Brain Work (Independent/Collaborative)

The Intern on duty will continue working on their normal "Brain Work" project while the Candidate follow the evening routine below.

  1. 7 - 9pm - Intern Candidate will read Heart Section of the Handbook
  2. 9 - 9:30pm - Mock questions for Candidate after reading using questions from the Handbook

6) Closing work (Collaborative)

  1. Evening kitchen clean explaining the pest problems that can arise in the kitchen
  2. Daily Intern Report. Have candidate complete the Daily Intern Report and correct errors.


Hedo Handbook Reading HEART WORK


SHADOW DAY 2 - Heart Work Review Questions

Late PM Work (Independent/Collaborative)

The Candidate will read Heart Section of the Handbook from 7 - 9pm.

  • Intern on duty will do Heart Review Sample Questions for Trainee: 9 - 9:30pm

Heart Review Questions

  1. SHIT TO SUGAR: What do we mean by "shit to sugar!"?
  2. UNANNOUNCED VOLUNTEER: What is our Policy for someone who arrives on the property unannounced, and wants to be a Volunteer.
  3. COMMUNITY OF INDIVIDUALS: What do we mean by 'Community of Individuals?'
  4. SOUNDS OF NATURE: A complaint about 'loud lovemaking' from a couples' bed space at night.
  5. PERSONAL PRIVACY: Someone who calls in and asks whether a particular person is staying on the property.
  6. PUBLIC DRUNKENNESS: On a Friday night, a long-term guest is drunk and belligerent in the common space.
  7. NEGATIVE TALK: Someone outside the Community talks negatively about Hedonisia.
  8. CUSTOMER COMPLAINT:  How would you handle a serious customer complaint?
  9. COMMUNITY LIVING: What are some benefits of living in a community? What are some drawbacks?
  10. TOUCH BASE: What is a Touch-base Meeting?
  11. DATING: If an Intern, Guest or Volunteer is dating someone who lives nearby and they want to spend the night, how do you handle this?
  12. SINGLE PARENT VOLUNTEER: A single parent with two children arrives and wants to be a Volunteer. How would you handle that?
  13. PRINCE(SS): What do we mean by a 'prissy prince(ss)' and a 'jungle queen'?
  14. VISITING HOURS: Someone from outside is a visitor. Till what time can she/he stay?
  15. TRESPASSERS:  A black hat shows up and doesn't want to leave after you asked them, what do you do?