Lava to Lotus: Hedonisia Digital Portfolio

“No Mud, No Lotus”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist spiritual leader.

Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio
Hedonisia Lava to Lotus

Without suffering at least some mud in your life, you cannot evolve and grow into a lotus. Though Hedonisia Hawaii was destroyed in the 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption, we are trying to rise from the mud, or in our case, lava, through work on our portfolio of creative projects.

The Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Portfolio offers educational resources for those who wish to make a living by making a difference. 

These projects continue to evolve and grow. We invite you to support or participate in our community either as a customer or Virtual Volunteer.

Hedonisia Book Projects

Pleasurable Activism Publications

We have developed a collection of non-fiction books dealing with a wide range of subjects ranging from free speech, cultural feminism, and birth control to intentional community living and social entrepreneurship.

Pleasurable Activism Publications

Hedonisia Web Portfolio

These web projects were started in our pre-volcano community. We continue to develop them as part of our post-volcano rebirth.

1. Diversity & Free Speech Communication Workshops

Hedonisia Diversity & Free Speech Communication Workshops

Supporting an empowered rather than victim-based approach to issues of communication and prejudice among different social identity groups.

Diversity and Free Speech Communication

2. Reproductive Rights & Birth Control

Trigger Warning. These sites are pro-choice on the issue of women's reproductive rights.

Reproductive Choice info for women around the world who are facing one of the most challenging decisions of their lives.

Natural Miscarriage: Reproductive Rights for Pregnant Women around the World

Sensual methods for women and couples to practice sexy and natural birth control.

EcoSensual: Natural Birth Control for Lovers

3. Sex-Positive Products & Services

World Art Erotica Online Museum

Community Director Mojo collected cultural erotic art and handicrafts during a lifetime of travel.

This collection was developed into a digital museum of erotic art and sensual literature from around the world.

World Art Erotica Museum

Tantric Ganja CBD Consent Culture Elixir

The goal of this marijuana-based aphrodisiac is to show the benefits of marijuana compared to alcohol as a safer, empowering, and pleasurable tool for female sexual enjoyment. We have been working on an alternative to red wine that brings many of the same social pleasures as alcohol while maintaining control and sober consent.

Hedonisia Lava YouTube Channel 

Hedonisia Hawaii Lava YouTube Channel

Videos, musings, and educational resources.
How our community was before the eruption and the post-volcano projects we manage.

For those who would like to volunteer or intern on any of our projects, we offer these programs: