Diversity and Free Speech Communication Workshops

The Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech Workshops were inspired by our pre-volcano Hawaii community. People from around the world lived, worked, and played together in our intentional community that respected individual autonomy while being a free-speech community.

For Companies, Organizations & Individuals

One of our most exciting post-volcano projects is the Hedonisia Diversity & Free Speech Communication Workshops.

In many business, professional, social, friendly, or intimate settings, when we communicate with people from different demographics, it can sometimes feel challenging.

It is often through free and open discussions between people of different groups, where solutions to the many problems facing societies can be found. The Hedonisia approach emphasizes free speech and empowerment rather than a victim-based approach to equality when dealing with issues such as education, sexuality, economics, and violence.

These workshops are designed for individuals, small groups, companies or organizations. They teach simple tools for communication that allow people of different races, cultures, genders, identities, and ages to communicate with the maximum of free speech combined with personal politeness for individual sensitivities.

Hedonism means to live pleasurably. The workshops are under the Hedonisia brand because conversations between people from different social and demographic groups should be a pleasurable and fun way to learn about each other.

Diversity & Free Speech

As a little brown man who loves to travel, I know that life has a certain amount of risk. If I had felt offended every time someone made a joke, or critical comment about my culture, I would have never enjoyed relating with wonderful people across the planet.

As long as I felt safe, I let people speak their truth. This lead to amazing insightful conversations with so many different kinds of people. I traveled as a proud 1st Amendment Liberal. 

My travels affirmed my belief in our right to free speech while being polite and respectful of personal boundaries and consent.

Our community attracted many intelligent and free thinking people. The experience at Hedonisia, inspired one of the most interesting and rewarding post-volcano projects; the Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech Workshops, which was born.

With "call out culture" people are afraid to speak because they might give offense. Technology and Social Media fuels the "weaponization of empathy" to inflict "reputational violence" on anyone who makes a mistake in their language that causes a person to feel offended, especially if they are from a group deemed as oppressed.

This phenomenon is happening in much of the Western world. As a result, so many conversations and flirtations that could happen are not because people are anxious about offending. The pandemic made it worse. 

Intersecting Identity Play Sex and Free Speech WorkshopDiversity & Free Speech Communication Workshops

We offer two kinds of workshops; one for businesses and the other for individuals:

  1. Free Speech & Diversity in the Workplace. (for Companies and Organizations): We have developed PREP Conversation Guidelines to communicate openly while respecting personal sensitivities. This workshop content is designed for companies and groups.
  2. Diversity & Communication Private Sessions. (for Individuals). Many individuals wish to learn communication tools that maximize free speech while respecting individual sensitivity. They may feel uncomfortable in a larger workshop because they have work or social situations involving race, gender and so on which they wish to discuss privately.