HedoFeminist Entrepreneur

Practical Yin-Yang Feminism for all Genders!

In countries where women have more feminine yin power such as Scandinavia, society is more eco-friendly, less violent, criminal,  overpopulated, and militaristic. The most aggressive countries tend to be in Africa and the Middle East where masculine yang energy is dominant.

HedoFeminist EntrepreneurMen have run the world for at least 5000 years and with wars, overpopulation, pollution, and mass extinction they have thoroughly destroyed it. Women have been cleaning up the messes of men since the time they were born. It's time they claim their fair share of power and clean up the entire planet.

Though it is transforming, many young women perceive the world of business as less feminine. We argue that female education and independent intellectual thought are a bedrock for personal empowerment and equality. Being an HedoFeminist Entrepreneur is a great way to change the world and give yourself a meaningful job in the process.

Many people are too focused on personal dramas to care enough about big-picture issues to do something. The system is not broken. It’s just that people are too ‘busy’, cynical, or lazy to play a role in it.

However, when your company is actively pursuing social goals such as gender equality, you will tend to be more politically active as part of your business plan.

Public pressure in the form of calls or emails to state politicians is still one of the most effective ways to have a voice in this country and affect legislation.

As a business, you can direct public pressure as part of your company strategy whether it's through your workers or volunteers, on your product packages, and in other company PR and advertising.

Big Oil does it all the time with their oil lobbyists and other paid political operatives. For them, it's just the cost of doing business! Imagine if we had social entrepreneurs whose companies also played a role in the political process.


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