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Hedonisia Book Projects

Our non-fiction book projects share the goal of trying to make the world a better place. The subjects vary widely. As a Hedonisia Virtual Community Member, you gain access to all the book manuscripts as they are being written.

Members are welcome to contribute their voices to the conversation with direct feedback on the raw manuscripts.

Hedonisia Book Trilogy

1. Warrior WoMan

A Military but not Militant Path to Pleasure & Peace for the Planet.

Warrior WoMan Shiva Shakti Yin Yang

2. Talking Sh*t & Sugar

Free speech communication in a diverse world.

Talking Shit and Sugar

3. Cougars for World Peace

Societal benefits of intergenerational relations between younger men and older women.

Cougars for World Peace

Social Entrepreneur & Community Living

1. Activist Entrepreneur

Create a business in alignment with your values.
Use capitalism in a positive, sustainable way to address social or environmental issues.

Activist Entrepreneur

2. HedoFeminist Entrepreneur

Using business as a tool for gender equality.

HedoFeminist Entrepreneur

3. The Hedonisia Handbook

Hedonisia's manual for urban or rural community living.

Hedonisia Intentional Community Manual


Hedonisia EcoFeminism - Reproductive Rights & Resources

Natural Miscarriage

Reproductive Rights and Resources for Women Around the World

Natural Miscarriage Reproductive Rights

EcoSensual Contraception

Sex-Positive Natural Birth Control Pillow Book Calendar

EcoSensual Natural Birth Control Pillow Book