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We created the Hedonisia Lava Video YouTube channel to highlight the history of our eco-community in paradise before and after the volcano.

We also have educational videos on the various activist, sex-positive, and ecofeminist web projects we are working on.

Our community demonstrated it was possible to create a working model of an intentional community based on empowered feminism and eco-tourism.

Here is the first Hedonisia Lava Video tour of the property post-eruption.

Lava video of my first visit back to the property after the eruption showing the scale of destruction.

Pre-volcano Lava Video

This video shows our original community right up to the period just before the volcano hit our property. This is the last footage we have of Hedonisia pre-volcano.

The final video I took when the police allowed me a last visit to the property to retrieve some possessions. The tires in the Ocean View trail are all that's left of the property structures.

This video shows how we incorporated an empowered form of feminism into our community, teaching women to be Jungle Queens.

We were one of the few if not only, ecofeminist communities in the world! Our Jungle Queen program was popular with women and men from all walks of life.

Lava Video Tube Playlists

These playlists show some of the educational projects that we started at our community in Hawaii and are continuing to work on after the flow.

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Through hard work and experimentation, we developed a practical set of guidelines and ideas that allowed us to evolve and grow over the years into a sustainable community.
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