Hedonisia Community History & Rebirth Blog

3 Jun

When we purchased the property in 2004 it was a junk yard filled with rusting vehicles. We persevered, and slowly the land evolved into a sustainable community based on eco-tourism. Many meetings, friendships and connections have started at Hedonisia and then continued. Hedonisia … Read More »

2018 Hedo Pics – RIP

1 Jun

We were on top of our game. 2018 was setting up to be the most successful year in our history. We had fantastic guests, volunteers and interns. We were so happy and so unaware of the calamity that was about … Read More »

Hedonisia Pre-Volcano EcoFeminist Murals

18 Feb

EcoFeminist Community Jungle Queen Mural Art Traditional Feminism sometimes has a tendency to focus on victimization and political correctness. At Hedonisia, we chose to focus on pure expressions of power to as a means towards equality. Many wonderful artists over … Read More »

Intern Alumni & Friends!

18 Jun

Hedonisia Hawaii Intern Eco-Community Manager Team Our intern team is not permanent. It is ever changing with new intern team members arriving and leaving throughout the year. This is our most up to date group! Do not be surprised if you … Read More »

2016 Hedo Pics

17 Jun

We are getting more and more interns and volunteers who are attracted to our Jungle Queen model of female empowerment.          

2015 Hedo Pics

27 Jun

This was a crucial year in our history. I was able to sell the Hedonisia World Art Erotica art collection which had been stored on the Hedonisia property. We sold it to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. The … Read More »