Hedonisia Guava Land Hawaii Camping

Eco-Friendly Camping & Tiny Home Housepad

The original Hedonisia property is not open to the public due to the roads being covered in lava from the Kilauea volcanic eruption. We are still waiting for legal road access.

We own two adjoining lots of land near to our lava-inundated property where we are building a tiny eco-home partly with Strawberry Guava, a fast-growing tropical hardwood that is an invasive species in Hawaii.. In the interim we are using the already-built elevated foundation as a camping spot

We still offer volunteer, intern, and guest programs. However, they are focussed on individuals and couples enjoying a stay with more solitude than the pre-volcano Hedonisia which was much more 'touristy' and community oriented.

Covered Elevated Camping Platform
Covered Elevated Camping Platform

Though we are offering camping, our goal is to complete a tiny home. our intent is to showcase to the local government that a tiny home can be built using local and recycled materials.

Our tiny home Guava House will help us to raise funds, and concentrate our resources on our original lava-covered land once we can build there.

As an off-grid lodging, our Hawaii camping spot has basic amenities:

  1. Drinking water is freely available from a public stand 2 miles away.
  2. Electricity is currently unavailable. We use solar chargers or power packs.
  3. There is no toilet onsite. This is why we want someone who is using a car so they can travel to town.

Heart, Body & Brain Work

While we are rebuilding, we can offer a scaled down version of our pre-volcano Intern and Volunteer programs that allows ample free time to be an 'eco-tourist'.

Guava Land Elevated Camping Platform and Tiny Home Foundation
Guava Land Elevated Camping Platform and Tiny Home Foundation

Hedonisia Guava Land Private Camping is focussed on attracting artists, tech workers, writers, social entrepreneurs and other creatives who want an affordable, cozy place to stay in paradise.

Our private Hawaii camping option is a place where you can settle in and work on their creative projects while living in the volcano zone of Hawaii.

Landscapers, Artists & Creatives will find much enjoyment in the Hedonisia space that is a peaceful place to work on creative or intellectual projects.

Interns can choose to work on web projects in the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio based on their experience and interests.

Volunteers and Guests staying longer than a week get to participate in our rebuilding with body work on the land or community maintenance chores.

Guest and Residential Tenant Volunteer Stay Options:

a) Guest Stay (Nightly and Weekly)

You can camp for $30 a night with a minimum of 3 nights with no volunteer requirement. Under the weekly $135 per week rate there is one 3-hour  Volunteer Shift.

b) Intern Program ( 1-3-Month Stay)

One time fee of $395 for a stay of up to 3 months. Volunteering is 12 hours of heart, body or brain work per week plus maintenance chores. Please note, that the intern program is only offered at Hedonisia Guava Land.

c) Volunteer Program (1 Week - 1 month)

  • $90 the first week
  • $45 for each additional week

The volunteer work requirement is 9 hours a week. If you don't have building skills you can still be a volunteer. In the guava forest, there is lots of land maintenance and brush clearing work which is a great workout.

d) Residential Monthly Stay. (Minimum 1 month)

We offer an affordable rate for a single adult or couple at $250 a month. With monthly payments, guests are classified as tenants and will have to sign the Hedonisia Rental Lease Agreement which includes a refundable damage deposit.

Special Deal for Skilled Volunteer Builders

Foundation Stairway and Basement
Foundation Stairway and Basement

We welcome volunteer 'eco-builders'. We offer a special discount of 50% off any program to those who have building or carpentry skills.

We are seeking ecofriendly builders or carpenters who enjoy working with renewable and recycled materials.

Eco-Builder. Resourceful builders using eco-friendly methods, recycled materials and can work with a natural wood like Strawberry Guava.

Carpenter - Repairing, improving and building small projects and custom furniture. We try to use Strawberry Guava as our primary building resource.

Car Driver Priority

We charge such a low rate for the rental as it is more suitable for a car driver.

So we give priority to applicants who have the budget to purchase or rent a car. The property is more than a mile from Highway 130. While it is possible to walk or hitchhike to the main road, it is not advisable as water and supplies need to be brought in.

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