Ka’apuni Gardens

We have one of the most unique gated communities in the world. The 2018 eruption destoryed  much of this area of the island but once you enter through the gate you will get to see a view that no other tourist gets to see. Our location is in a very serene and safe neighborhood with a locked gate at the entrance.
Ka'apuni Gardens Main House
Ka'apuni Gardens Main House

We will provide you with a  list of emergency maintenance people and other contact information if needed (and have back ups for each one). There are no utility costs for electricity which is solar and water that is purified by an excellent filtration system. We will supply you with one full bottle of propane.

Lanai Porch
Lanai Porch


  • Stargazing at night
  • Tropical breezes away from pollution and embraced by nature
  • Very comfortable 500 foot elevation with just enough rain showers to keep the views clear and  scenery green
  • Many local weekend markets
  • Picturesque Pahoa town nearby with many restaurants, cafes, music venues, post office, banks, auto repair shops, shopping mall, health food store, bakery, etc
  • Work at home internet at of the house in serene setting
  • Perfect and private location for a honeymoon, meditation, and taking a short walk to the lava zone scenery.
  • One of the most unique views of the world lava exclusive private community.
  • Fast Wifi. Great for Digital Nomads or those who do computer work.
Ka'apuni Property Overview
Ka'apuni Property Overview

We are offering an affordable rent however there are a few rules to make your stay comfortable:

  1. Tenant must pay 1st and last month rents and security deposit
  2. Tenant must provide background check and/or financial statement
  3. Tenant must have off grid experience
  4. Tenant must have references from past places stayed.
  5. Tenant can make rent direct deposit through bank account (Zela) but we can accept paypal (which charges a fee)
  6. Tenant must pay the rent on time if we are to sign a long term lease
  7. Rent price includes three tanks of propane for hot water and gas stove. Tenant is responsible to go to town to fill future empty tanks
  8. Rental price includes yard maintenance work twice a month
  9. There are no pets allowed

As an environmentally conscious place we ask you not to overuse the electricity or propane with long showers etc, don't leave extra lights or tools  on (especially at night) etc. that can  run down the batteries.

A transition period is necessary in case we return earlier from our travels and need to
share the  bathroom and kitchen when we come back.


Lanai Ocean View
Lanai Ocean View

Please Note: Unfortunately due to the electrified fence to keep out the wild pigs, no children or pets are allowed.