Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Green Vacation Rentals

Bamboo Hut Bungalow


  • Easy to Access
  • Close to Shared Facilities
  • Wired with Electricity

Bamboo Hut is a small stand alone bungalow that is close to the community facilities. However, it is still far enough away for privacy. At 8x8ft, it is a small but very cosy place to stay. The screen windows allow the beautiful ocean breeze in but not the mosquitos!

The Bamboo Hut is cozy and rustic. However, it has an electrical outlet and light. It is the only lodging along with Kahuna Cabin and the Jungle Cottage that has electricity.

Close to Facilities

This is also the closest accommodation to our famous Eco-Toilet and Solar Jungle Shower as well as our other shared eco-community facilities. The bathroom is an eco-friendly flush toilet with a view. Our hot water, semi-outdoor Jungle Shower is a lush luxury that allows you to enjoy getting clean in the rainforest in style.