Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Vacation Rentals and Green Hostel!

Hawaii Campground

Private Camping  in Hawaii

For those who have their own camping equipment we offer a private Hawaii campground!

Unlike state and county campsites, the Hedonisia Hawaii campground allows you to set up your tent and then be able to leave it with security and peace of mind as you explore the island.

Jungle Hideaway Camping

Jungle Hideaway Camping

However, please note that we are in the rain-forest so it rains! This means that “normal” camping with just a tent might not be so comfortable. Be sure to bring a waterproof tent.

We have set up 3 private camping spots at our Hawaii campground:

  • Jungle Hideaway. This is camping spot is close to the meditation temple but can be used for short stays! It is close to the Jungle Hideaway Camp.
  • Crater Camp. The most secluded camping spot in the far corner of the property. It is ideal for couples, or those who like the sounds of nature! However, it is only for the strong of heart as it is in a location at the bottom of our jungle crater!
  • Avocado Tent. This is a sheltered camping spot. You can set your tent on an elevated platform.
  • Psychedelic Hippie Van! As a tribute to the Swinging Sixties, we have painted an old van and converted it into a cute cozy camping spot.

We also allow semi-camping for 1-night emergency stays in the barn.