Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Vacation Rentals and Green Hostel!

Private Eco Hales


  • Nestled into the Jungle
  • Queen or Double Bed
  • Electricity Free

Guava Hale (hut)

The Guava Hale (pronounced haalay), is a beautiful hut made almost entirely of strawberry guava. It has a wonderful hang out spot in the front, and is the perfect distance from the communal areas. Large, native Ohi’a trees give this little hut shade and beauty.

The Guava Hale has a queen-size bed hand carved from strawberry guava wood by one of our artistic craftsmen volunteers. Using traditional carpentry techniques he created a bed that is sturdy, and quite open, which allows for a lovely sea breeze to waft through!

Please note that Guava Hut is continually evolving. It is made almost completely of recycled or renewable materials.

These photos should give you the general idea of what to expect. But it will probably look a little different by the time you get here! We are continually tinkering and experimenting with the hut to give visitors and volunteers a unique eco-lodging place in Hawaii that they can enjoy while living in the jungle!

Lono Hale

Lono Hale Jungle Bedroom View

Lono Hale Jungle Bedroom

Lono Hale means ‘peaceful hut’. It is a beautiful shaded spot located towards the farthest corner of the property and is ideal for those who like privacy. Queen Bed with view of Palms & Bamboo Grove. As an eco-hostel we are always trying to reuse and recycle with our projects and this is one of our special creations. We built this hut around a huge tractor/grader which was left on the property by the previous owner.

We built this room so that one of the giant tires of the vehicle is still inside it. We took old broken tents which would have been thrown away and cut them up, sewed them together and made a colorful patchwork to create the walls of the hut to mosquito proof it! Enjoy this space while you can as it is a temporary structure which we will be taking down as soon as the price of steel rises to the point where it is feasible to recycle it.


Rollinia House

Rollinia House viking female murals

Frontal view of Rollinia House

This lodging is a cute hut with a beautiful view of the neighboring property that has many exotic palm trees.

This rustic hut is called Rollinia House because of the delicious rollinia fruit tree located next to it!

And we decorated with female viking art showing strong women warriors as the theme for this lodging!

As an Eco-feminist and Eco-Tourist community in Hawaii we use art in throughout the property depicting strong empowered sensual women.

Rollinia House is ideal for those who like bright natural sunlight. To make it more eco-friendly, we use a UV resistant roof that let’s in natural light. This reduces the need for artificial lights later in the evening time and early in the morning.

The hut overlooks our firepit where we occasionally have community bonfires!

Cozy Nook Hut

Cozy Nook Jungle Queen Murals

Cozy Nook Jungle Queen Murals

Nestled up on a hill in the jungle among the trees, this little hut is as cozy as the name suggests! We took a plastic work shed and converted it into an ‘eco-shack’! It has a circular trail that take you up to it’s location.

This hut is definitely for sun lovers as it gets a good dose of morning sunshine!

We have lovingly decorated it with colorful and psychedelic ‘Jungle Queen’ motifs!



Ulu Hideaway Hut

Ulu Hideaway Hut in the Rainforest

One of our most secluded huts in the jungle!

Formerly known as the Meditation Temple, this is a peaceful hut with insect screen all around which allows for a 360 degree view. It is in one of the most secluded parts of the property. So that you really feel like you are surrounded by rainforest!

The hut is hexagon shaped and was designed by a German architect using Strawberry Guava, a local growing hardwood tree that is an invasive species.

This hut has a single bed so is ideal for a single adult.