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Community Hang-Out Area

Eco Volunteer Sleeping Outdoor Community Common Area

Aloha! Kick your feet up in one of our spacious, open-air community hangout areas. We have three common areas: the dining room, outdoor hang out zone, and the yoga barn. These facilities are available to those staying on the property, and really make Hedonisia feel a lot like Home.

The dining room is a great place to enjoy a home cooked meal as well as an opportunity to catch up on some often needed computer time. Many of our Guests blog, work remotely, and use their devices for various forms of entertainment, therefore, find this area to to be efficient to meet their tech needs. It is perfectly accessible to the community charging station, as well as in range to the Hedonisia WiFi connection.

The outdoor hangout zone is adjacent to our outdoor kitchen area, and nicely secured beneath the barn roof. Feel free to enjoy a meal out here, or sprawl out on one of the two comfy couches. This is a great area to catch up with new friends, or enjoy a cup of tea and a good book. Whether it’s a warm, sunny day, or cool and raining, this is the perfect place to marvel at the different types of weather the Hawaiian rainforest has to offer.

Lastly, the yoga barn is exactly that. Please see Yoga Barn and Activities Space.

We hope to see you there!


Eco Builder Volunteer Community Dining Area

Eco Builder Volunteer Community Dining Area