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Harvesting from the Land

Eco Community Volunteers Cacao Harvest Hawaii

According to Forbes, one of the top ten reasons people travel to Hawaii is the permaculture. The Big Island is filled with lush green rain forest, colorful farms, and a massive stretch of jungle in every direction. The combination of rich volcanic soil, abundant rain, and glowing sunshine, Hawaii truly is a Paradise for plants.

Eco Community Intern Volunteers Coconut Harvest Hawaii

Eco-Community Coconut Harvest

Many of the people we encounter are just seeing and eating a great deal of the produce grown here for the very first time. It’s also commonly noted that many of the fruits here in Hawaii that are, in fact, accessible on the Mainland, too, have a completely different taste. Papaya, for example, is described as much sweeter, juicer, and more rich in color, when grown in Hawaii.

The produce aesthetics alone are fascinating. We have a variety of edibles growing on the property, which include, but aren’t limited to: tropical spinach plants, edible flowers, seasonal fruit, vegetables, mulberries, coconuts, and herbs. We also have a collective harvest every week, which includes a tour to a lush volcanic crater! Community participants are welcome to share and enjoy what is growing on the property during their stay!