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Outdoor Kitchen

Sustainable Eco Community Baking Hawaii Outdoor Kitchen

One of the first things people often notice is our outdoor and completely open air kitchen! It’s a unique cooking experience, and often the most raved about facility per Guest reviews! It is very common for Guests to have coordinated “Family Dinner” nights, potlucks, the occasional wine night, and bake-offs. This is a great way to share your creative skills in the kitchen and mingle with the community! Our community is ever changing, and our Guests come from all cultural backgrounds, therefore, you might find yourself trying or contributing to a brand new dish, or completely new style of cooking!

Hedonisia happily provides cooking equipment, a variety of appliances, utensils, glassware, and tupperware; as well as eco-friendly dish soap and cleaning supplies! The kitchen opens at dawn, and for your convenience, stays open until 10:30 every night of the week. To ensure our environmentally safe practices, we provide a community compost area for your food scraps (the chickens love the extras!), tea and coffee disposal, and separate areas for trash and recycling.

You may store your personal food items in your own designated refrigerator spot and dry food storage space, which is labeled accordingly upon check-in. In addition, there are several communal food spaces, which includes donations from departing Guests, condiments, cooking spices, and local fruit harvested from the beautiful 4 acre property. As an extra incentive, your stay at Hedonisia includes any fruit, vegetables, and spices you may wish to harvest and eat from the land. After all, the Hawaiian rainforest is quite plentiful!

We hope you enjoy all of the yummy deliciousness that comes with cooking here at Hedonisia!